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sockbin(1): Websocket Echo Service

Build with <3 by therebelrobot using Node.js




Testing a websocket library can become difficult sometimes. HTTPbin is fantastic for testing normal HTTP requests, but doesn't provide endpoints for websockets. This exists to cover that need. Currently only supports raw websocket requests, however support for additional websocket libraries are being worked on (, etc).

Note: Due to hosting restrictions, repeat, delay, and runfor have default values (<50, >5000, <350000, respectively). To override these values, please install sockbin locally and use the override method. See below for details.

Examples on this page are using soxx, a simple websocket microlib.

Installing and running locally

You can install sockbin locally and override the hosting service restrictions by cloning the repo and setting an OVERRIDE environment variable.

$ git clone
$ cd sockbin
$ npm install
$ OVERRIDE=token npm start

When you then add &override=token to your request endpoint, you can spam your server as much as you like.

I'm currently working on getting a cli published to NPM (it's on there, but no interface atm). Check back soon for that.


Refer to Sockbin's Github releases page.


Originally created by Trent Oswald (@therebelrobot).


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